Have Courage, and be Kind.


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Married to my best friend, and love of my life Jeremiah who has had my heart since I was 14. I am blessed to say we have been together over 20 years now, married for 17 of those years! I am also a super proud momma of two, my daughter Aliyah 19, and my son Anthony 16. Family is everything to me, and they are the light and joy in my heart.

My passion in making every diaper cake uniquely special and one of a kind, comes from the honest fact that I myself regretfully never had a baby shower. So, I kind of get to experience that when I make a diaper creation, and truly put my heart in it making sure I deliver to the customer a special something they will be able to enjoy and remember forever.​

*Price of each custom cake is $150.00, this also includes local delivery. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

My Secret Ingredient Is  Always Love...

Once Upon A Diaper Cake

Where every Diaper cake is magically Unique